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Getting involved with World Parks is a great way to help the environment and raise awareness for conserving lands around the world. There are many ways to help World Parks achieve its mission of creating protected areas on every continent and in the oceans. From donating to our campaigns to joining one of our expeditions, the opportunities are limitless.

World Parks Campaigns – 

No one ever said this would be easy, but it is why we are here. The conservation of millions of square miles of land and sea around the world will take an enormous network of partners and resources. We are currently accepting donations for the following campaigns:

Creating World Parks Conservation Areas

Our inaugural campaign, Creating World Parks Conservation Areas is the first step in ensuring the protection of vast areas around the world. We are looking for sponsors at all levels to help make our mission a reality. Our mission statement reads:

World Parks, Inc. is dedicated to the creation of eight vast areas, one on each continent and one in Oceania, to be preserved in their natural states, unencumbered by the inventions of mankind. In addition to the important environmental, health and social benefits of preserving nature, World Parks seeks to protect precious natural resources, including great forest ecosystems, which are irreplaceable. World Parks seeks approval from the people of the world through cooperation and working in concert with, not against, existing governments. Because, we are all a part of nature, not apart from it.

Our map of potential World Park locations can be found on the “World Parks Map” page of our website.