Jeff Shea

Jeff Shea is the founder and president of World Parks, Inc. Jeff has been a passionate explorer and conservationist since a very young age. At the age of 19 he sailed across the Pacific Ocean and then walked across Papua New Guinea. In addition to climbing the highest mountain on every continent, Jeff has visited every country in the world and is a member of the Explorer’s Club, where he has led multiple expeditions in places such as Greenland and Venezuela. Jeff is originally from California and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

David Markowitz

David Markowitz is the principal ecologist and operations manager of World Parks, Inc. David is a conservation biologist and avid hiker, having previously worked with the U.S. Forest Service. David studied the natural world and became fascinated with promoting nature being free to define itself, free of human intervention. David is originally from Connecticut and resides in Florida.